Wedding Season

May Peace be Upon You

Unlike any other country that have 4 seasons of weather throughout the year which is Spring, Fall, Summer and Winter seasons, Malaysia also got 4 seasons that happen every year which is travel season during school break, fruits season where you can eat as many types of fruits with low price, raining season particularly on eastern side and lastly wedding season where sometimes in 1 day, you got too many invitations up to 5 wedding feast. Usually when I get too many invitation, I only go to several of them and depend on the closeness between us. If I barely know him or her, probably I'll skip it.

Back then when I am still a student, I rarely went to my friends wedding feast due to restriction of money, time and willingness. Also the venue was too far as my university like a far far away kingdom from my hometown. Next, I did not have an appropriate transport to go to the wedding feast because all I have was my mushy pushy motorcycle with 100cc engine. But after finished with my study, I am willing to go to my friends wedding even they did not invite me to their wedding or the venue was astoundingly distant.

The desire to go to the wedding feast is only for one reason and that is to have mini gathering with my friends either from my school's year or my university's year. After graduating, we seldom contact between each other as everybody else was busy with their working life or pursuing their studies. When we get to meet each other, surely my mouth can't stop laughing until my heart's content. With all the throwback memory, surely all we can do is laugh at it as the moment already pass long time ago. Other than that, we still making fun of each other and I am completely sure that no one between us is affected by the mockery. 

Lastly, I am very sorry to those who I did not managed to attend their wedding feast even it was intentionally but I hope all of you will come to my wedding when the time's come and in my expectation, that moment will happen around 3 or 4 years from now. So you got plenty of time to prepare the gifts for my wedding feast.

May Peace be Upon You


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