Langkawi Trip part 2

May Peace be Upon You

After the 3D art museum, we went back to homestay to replenish our energy after all those exciting moment. On the way back to homestay, we had our lunch at Ikan bakar restaurant near the place that we had our breakfast that morning. The grilled fish was superbly appetizing and the taste was freakingly fresh and delicious. That evening after some rest, we went for a shopping at Jalan Pandak Mayah where I bought an expensive perfume for the first time in my life at World of Perfume shop while my mother bought huge amount of chocolate at Haji Ismail Group's store. The prize was cheaper compare to typical store in the mainland. I also bought some chocolate for my office mate as a souvenir. That night, due to heavy downpour we just had our dinner at HIG food court and then went back to tidy ourselves before went to bed.

Actually this is female perfume, but I love light smell rather than strong smell

Last Day:
Waking up with the clear sky and a sunny day, it sure is a good day to spend all the time left at Langkawi island doing some outdoor activity and we decided to visit Kilim Geoforest Park. It only takes 30 minutes to reach the destination and as always we had our breakfast before going in. Fortunately, the owner of the stall that we had our breakfast give the contact number of her relative and we get some discount for a sight seeing around the park that took around 2 hours on a boat.

Within 2 hours, we get to tour around Gunung kelawar (Bat's Cave) but I did not managed to meet batman, Gua Buaya (Crocodile's Cave) where you can only enter the cave in the morning due to low tide, Eagle's spot where you get to see several type of eagle feed on chicken skin, Pulau Kasut (Shoe Island) where the shape of the island is similar to the shoe and also act a a border between Malaysia and Thailand and lastly photo session with Kilim Geoforest Park signboard.

Next, we went to Air Hangat to soak our feet in the natural hot spring pool. Many people said that natural hot spring are good for your health due to high minerals in it. A person who suffer paralysis usually come to cure or minimize the effect of this symptom. For the next 2 hours, we travel around the island to empty out our fuel's tank before going back to homestay to have our last lunch, After finished packing our luggage, we went straight to jetty due to time restriction. and finally we arrive at mainland around 6 pm.

Before went back to home, we had some laksa (white noodle) and it was one of the most famous laksa in Kuala Perlis. The taste was quite funny and strange for the first bite because it taste completely different from typical laksa that I had taste before but after several bites, the taste become more stunningly delicious. Lastly, we went home with a happy emotion and memory.

I hope my next vacation will be more fantastic and filled with much more joyful memory.

May Peace be Upon You


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