Traffic Light Rant

May Peace be Upon You

Last weekend was an unforgettable moment that had knocked me out relentlessly (dush3!) where it had tested my mind and body to the limit where i had trapped in a traffic jam. Instead of 3 hours journey, it became 6 hours journey all thanks to the traffic light.

This is the first time in my life where almost 90% of the traffic light have more than 99 seconds waiting time and can you imagine that at all traffic light you need to wait for that much time for every 500 m freaking road. Actually i was on my way to my friend wedding feast, so I left the house around 10 in the morning, and i arrive at her's wedding around 4 in the evening. Luckily I went out early that day, and if I had depart an hour late surely I'm gonna miss the feast,

What are the things that make me feel so angry is the attitude of irresponsible drivers that are so selfishly drive with no concern of others. They just jump the queue through the emergency lane and sometimes using the opposite lane. This kind of behavior not only dangerous to themselves but also towards other drivers. I don't know by how much had I swear to them which ultimately make my deeds became less and less. If I I had a grenade by my side that moment,  surely I'll be pleasure to throw one into each car with a villain laugh..muaaahahahaha

On the bright side, I learnt that I need to plan every single thing if I want to reach to my destination on time especially during school break by reviewing which road I should take, estimate how long does it take for a single trip and prepare food supply beforehand in case to traffic jam. Lastly, for those that I had swore I'm very sorry about that.

May Peace be Upon You


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