Reminiscing Good Old Memoirs

May Peace be Upon You

Usually while I was driving leisurely through the paved road, on my way back to get home after one whole day of tiresome work. I start to reminiscing some of moments that pass through my 24 years old life. Starts from my kindergarten world where I used to be a bully (not the type that hit other people) or should i describe as a conqueror where the swing in my kindergarten usually be mine and other kids can only stare at me playing joyfully.

Next, is high school moment where I used to do a ghost prank towards girls during night study with my colleague. The nervous feeling plus the excited and happy feeling was indescribable when we successfully  scared the shit out of the girls. Even there was one time where one girl tried to act brave enough to uncover the culprit behind this prank, she also easily fall to become the victim of our creepy ghost prank. Fortunately, we never get busted doing this good intention prank.

The best moment of all time was during university life where in blood shed, joy and sad moment, I still got my friend to back me up. We share a lot of memories together start from when our rental car broke in the middle of highway in my freshman year, trip to natural waterfall and also island vacation and lastly our convocation day. I don't think that I'm gonna forget that unless i got Alzheimer disease in the future. Thanks to all of you who are involve making memory with me and also I wish all of you are in the pink of health.

May Peace be Upon You


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