Engagement Enthusiasm

May Peace be Upon You

Usually I am an open minded person but when it comes to guidelines that already prepared for us who are Muslims by our prophet Muhammad pbuh, please respect it and don't show you ignorance act publicly because someday you will regret it especially ladies because usually the girls are the one who too eager to show it to the whole world without taking any precaution that may lead to their condemnation. I hope this entry more or less give you awareness and hence  you can prevent it from happen.

Let's start with the one thing that will make the girls go crazy and have wild imagination about it which is engagement day where  a woman and a man will be united and thus to a married life. The engagement itself is a sacred ritual in Islam where it shall not be advertise publicly but due to current fast moving information such as instagram, twitter, and also facebook, the photos and videos of engagement event are easily spread from one to another social media. All these act is just to have 1 'like' from friends and relatives. 

Have you guys ever imagine if the engagement that you shown to the whole world suddenly broke off and all that 'like' will be nothing at that moment. Not to forget, if your relative or friend ask when is your wedding day later that day, could you give them their answer? So, before you post it on social media, think of the consequence it might do to you in the future. Once it on the website, it will stays there even you try to remove it. Nobody wanted to have their engagement broke off before their wedding day but anything can happen in the last minute. So, please be remind that don't make promises when your are in happy state (probably I use wrong expression) but I hope you understand my intention. I don't want to touch other topics with this entry so that I can keep it simple. Lastly, my religious knowledge are not too deep but I hope it can help others to be a better Muslim and together we can bring peace to the world.

May Peace be Upon You


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