Share Investment

May Peace be Upon You

This entry will increase your knowledge regarding share investment that seldom done by our people probably due to lack of knowledge and awareness. So, for those who read my entry, please do something to save your future generation that will inherit your legacy from financial problem that may arise.

Why need to do share investment?
The purpose of share investment is just like saving your money each month but the difference is the money that you save will eventually expand or grow as time goes by. The longer the time pass, the bigger the money will grow but it is depend on the type of investment you choose. Generally there are 3 types of investment that you need to know:
  1. Aggressive fund
  2. Medium progress fund
  3. Slow progress fund
For aggressive fund, the money that you put into that fund will grow really fast but the risk to lose you money also easy. This fund is suitable to those who are risk takers. While for medium progress, the money you put into that fund will grow but the rate are not as fast as the aggressive type. This fund has lower risk and suitable for those who would like to use money on a long term such as for their children education. lastly, the slow progress fund which is for me the same as saving account. The growth progress also depend on the type of fund you choose and this is your choice to be made.

Please bare in mind this is investment and not quick rich scheme, so don't ever dream to be rich in just few months. Now is my advice for those who want to do share investment.
  1. If your age is below than 20, I suggest that you choose aggressive fund because i believe that young generation like to take risk.
  2. If your age is higher than 30, I suggest that you choose medium progressive fund because usually folks that are above 30 starts to thinking about their family and children and start to plan their children future plan
  3. If you just want to save like saving account, use slow progress fund.
Before i forgot to write this important note, the first investment for an amount of money into the fund, the money will be deducted for service charge, but don't worry because that losses will be cover back after several years depend on the progress of the fund that you choose. Lastly, the choice is yours and if you want to start share investment, do contact me..TEEHEE

May Peace be Upon You


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