Changi Airport

May Peace be Upon You

My work require me to travel but not regularly unless there is a problem that really need my expertise to solve it. I think it is too arrogant to use expertise in this word because I am still a beginner for this line of work. Nevertheless, my help are still needed because I am the one who commissioning and responsible towards my client's plant at site. I've been using several types of flight company such as MAS, JAL and Silkair. I think they are more or less the same towards each others and it is undecidable to state which one is the best because each one of these company got their own advantages and disadvantages in term of service and quality.

I am still happy even it is still a voucher

What I want to talk about is my opinion based on my experience at Singapore airport or famously known as Changi Airport. First, the airport was awesome and humongous. Even the airport was quite huge where it divided into 3 terminal, it was a rare sight to notice no people even at secluded corner. The amount of tourist, staff and sellers make the place lively and cheerful surrounding. If you are transit at Changi Airport and using Silkair (Singapore airline), please don't forget to redeem a voucher from IshopChangi Collection Centres where you can get free 20 dollar Singapore voucher. All you have to show is your boarding pass, flight schedule and passport to the staff that in charge of the counter.

This card can hold for 3 month after exchange with voucher 

With that amount of voucher, you can buy anything you want but not all shop are participate in that promotion. So read carefully the term and condition and list of  shop that did not participate in the promotion. For me, nothing beats free foods and drinks so I decided to use it by changing the voucher into foodstreet card because the food court use card to buy stuff rather than use money. Even I was stranded at the airport for about 6 hours instead of 4 hours due to late arrival of flight, I don't feel any stress while waiting for it and the time I spent was not necessarily wasted as I went for window shopper to all the expensive boutique, using free internet connection to browse youtube while laying lazily at the couch. For me, it was the best experience because it was my first time travel alone and I can go anywhere I want without worrying of getting lost. On the other hand, only one thing that did not satisfy my satisfaction where I need to go to the counter to get the wifi password and sometimes the staff was not really friendly servicing you as a customer. All in all, it was a good to travel alone and experience new things.

For muslim, please don't worry about not getting any halal food here

May Peace be Upon You


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