Langkawi Trip

May Peace be Upon You

As long as I can remember my family never ever manage to completely prepare any plan or schedule if we want to go for a vacation because usually we just go when our heart says we should go. The same thing also happen to our latest vacation which is to Langkawi Island, the land that was cursed for 7 generations. I'm not sure about the curse, whether it is true or not is still a myth.

Day 1:
We board a ferry at Kuala Perlis Jetty at 6.00 pm to Kuah because my father got a meeting that ends at 4.30 pm. Luckily our relative are nearby the Jetty, so we seek their help to buy the ferry's ticket where they went to buy the tickets just after dawn due to festive season. After arriving at Kuah, we went to get our rental car which is 2 white colour Toyota Vios where 1 new model and the other one slighly older version. The new model belong to my father and I get the older car. Soon the day getting darker followed with the sound from the stomach getting louder, we went for a dinner at nearby restaurant that was suggested by our rental car dealer. The foods and drinks was amazingly delicious besides the price are also cheap. For 8 empty stomach, with only RM70.00 it can fill up all of us. Next, with joy and full stomach we went to our free accomodation that was sponsored by father's friend near the Langkawi Mall. That night, we went to sleep early because we got many things to do the next morning. and as I stare through the window to see the stars, the winds swiftly blows to my eyes and whistle my ears to let me fall into sleep.

Day 2:
We got up quite early and the preparation to go out took about 1 hour and 30 minutes because there is only one bathroom and we need to take turns to clean ourselves The gents usually only take around 7 minutes while the ladies took about 20 minutes to get ready. I am still wondering what did they do to take a long time to get ready. Nevertheless, we still manage to go to our first destination before 8 am. The reason why we need to go out early is because when I went to pay for the dinner that we had last night at the counter, the cashier told me that we need to get to the cable car counter before 9 am because many tourist will be there. We had our breakfast at a small town before arriving to the cable car places. Even though we arrived early, many tourist are already there queuing to bought the tickets to ride the longest cable car in Asia. The ticket's price are varies for foreigners and locals, also varies for each package that you choose. I bought the package to enter skycab, skydome and 6D animation ride with  RM32 per adult. For those who loves nature, it is an exciting yet calm moment to be experience.

In my opinion, it is a good alternative to relieve stress from daily work apart from appreciate the miraculous creation created by our god. There is only one thing that I despised about the management here is when they trick the tourist or customer that come here by forcing them to take a picture with their duck mascot and charge them with high prices for an A4 size picture without any notice beforehand. I think this is a scheme for the management to acquire more income but the way they carry the job is inhuman and selfish.

Next when we got off from the cable car ride, we enter the 6D cinema in which for me not very interesting experience and pretty lame. First, the spectacle was too big and easily slide under the nose. Second, the movement of the chair does not synchronize with the projection. Third, the movie  story line was boring and not adventurous at all. Maybe I'm a bit sarcastic but I hope the ride can be as good as shrek 6D ride in Universal Studio Singapore in term of graphic, sound and synchronize chair movement.

After that, we move on to 3D art muzium where the art was painted by about 30 persons from around the globe. The fee was RM32 per adult but if you are resident of Kedah state, you'll get a discount and the fee become RM20 per adult. For the first time I am thankful to be a resident of Kedah state of all my entire life.

The handkerchief is on the table or under the table? 

This photos appears to move but actually your eyes have trick you 

For those who love photography, this is one of the place that you must enter because the art was diligently painted to give 3D effect on photos taken from a camera view. I think this entry is long enough so i will continue the blabbering of Langkawi trip in the next entry

May Peace be Upon You


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