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May Peace be Upon You

I just want to share one thing that is for some people it maybe an old story but for me,
it is a whole new story because why?
because I just got a new perfume named '1 Million' which is the same company that produce
'Black XS' that I bought last month.

In 2008, this fragrance had been denoted as the fragrance of the year and still famous until now.
I think the company had made a fortune through this product alone. So let me describe how
 does this fragrance actually smell:

1. It has fresh smell like the ocean
2. It has light smell like a flower
3. No powdery smell
4. Not to strong but not to soft fragrance
 and for me it smell calm and gentlemen
probably a bit smell of mints but without the stings.

For me personally, I really like the smell.
and if compare to Black XS, this one is cheaper.
If compare in term of quantity over price for 30 ml of Black XS, 
the price would be RM 150 while for 30 ml of 1 Million,
the price would be RM 84 only. So it is very worth to buy 1 Million.
For those who love soft smell, this should be one of your possession.

May Peace be Upon You


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