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May Peace be Upon You

black and white like yin and yang like me and you..

Last weekend was undeniably full of excitement because I went shopping for some dishware with remarkably cheap price at one of the company near my working place called Miyao Toki. I assume this main company was from Japan because I can see some of probably the managers here are mostly Japanese. Banzai!!!

Throughout the year, they usually conduct a sales promotion once for every two to three month to sell their dishware. Their main product mostly are made from ceramic and as you all know ceramic can withstand high temperature, so the dishware are microwaveable. Other than that, their product cover from small item such as dip sauce plate to a big pot with unreasonably cheap price.

Usually they held this promotion for consecutively 4 days and the for last day, all the dishware become even cheaper than other days. On the other hand, the main attraction for this promotion was their happy hour event where all the dishware are usually half or quarter compare to the usual price. Let say a mug usually cost RM 8, so for this happy hour the price is only RM 2 each. The items sold during happy hour are separate from normal sales and the number of each product are limited, so you can imagine the situation is like black friday sales done by Walmart. With so many people wanted over limited amount of items, only the best will get many items compare to others.

As for me with developed skills through countless encounter with human being wave, it is like take a candy from a baby to get what I want. For a pile of mug containing about 300 pieces, i can easily get 50 pieces from it. I can take even more than that but greedy wont take you anywhere (Malay proverbs) which means do not be greedy, or you will suffer from an after effect. My hunting of dishware for 2 consecutive days, I manage to get 20 pieces of mugs, 10 pieces of plates and 2 sets of small pots. All these items just worth RM 100 for myself. and for my aunts, I managed to get them 50 pieces of mug and 3 sets of small pots worth RM 160 only.

For promotion conducted throughout the years, my target is just to spend maximum RM 100 on every single promotion so that when I am moving out from my parents house, I already got plenty of dishware and I will not be bother about not having enough dishware.

Lastly, all my thanks towards my siblings who willingly joined my quest to bought luxurious dishware with unthinkable cheap prize. 

May Peace be Upon You


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