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May Peace be Upon You

Since yesterday, I've been thinking whether it is wise to put a music playlist or not because I need to consider that some of you might dislike it but today I have decided that only 3 songs will be use for the time being as an experimental purpose. If you ever wondered what is the song that I had choose, here's the name of the title and artist :
  1. Unintended by Muse (band)
  2. Buat Sang Puteri by Spider (band)
  3. Let's not Fall in Love by Big Bang (group singer)
All above songs are a slow pace songs that I intentionally choose because I like the way gives me a calm , harmony and comfort feeling. If you dislike the song due to any reasons, you can either pause it or turn down the volume. All this step can be done on the playlist at the most top of the blog.

If I have enough determination in the future, I will change the songs and also the layout of the playlist to suit with the style of my blog. Other than that, I will probably change the HTML code for this layout so that it will appeared more simple and attractive. So that's all for now.

May Peace be Upon You


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