Die Hard Valve Gamer

May peace be upon you
acchhooo!! srettt!! arghh the dust is making me sneeze quite a lot
acah2 blog berhabuk la tu..
phew.. long time no see there buddy
where you have been to?
no where, jusr too lazy and too busy with lots of stuff

it seems that it is more than 3 years this blog had never been updated
and yet someone still reading my post even though it is from Germany
all i can say is "danke" to you although i din't know what you looking for and
also how can you understand Malay language?

So, while i got some free time and not interested in doing other works
i'll update this blog and probably treat it as my diary. Enough for the introduction so let move on
to the topic which is Die Hard Valve Gamer

I think Valve is a pretty big company because the games that was published
by them literally awesomeness without boundary..(to dramatic to say like that) 
but it is what makes player love and addict to it.

My first encounter  was counter strike which is a phenomenon to the online games.
i think all the cyber cafe's must have this game and if you ask anyone else who din't know what is
counter strike, sure he is a bloody nerd boy which most of the time
he spent was scramming through mountain of books.

Next is Defence of The Ancient where in short form called DOTA or in malay we call it
'Dunia Orang Takda Awek" which means 'the world of no woman'
but i dont care what people are gonna labelled it as what,
as long as i am happy and no one bothering me while i am playing
I started to play this game since 7 years ago and after that
there is Dota 2 and also the most current  is
Dota 2 Reborn

Personally, i like Dota 2 more than the new one because
1. The amount of space for update is killing me
2. it makes me sick due all the bugs still enormous
3. All update is just sucks
4. Interface is just too awful
5. Chat box too confusing

Please get rid of new one and replace back the old Dota 2
I think that is enough to describe all about Reborn.
I'm pretty sure all other player agree with me on this.
So, I hope Valve fix the bugs quickly or just go back to DOTA 2.

ps: suma post lepas ni akan berbahasa inggeris (nak kutuk la tu)
typical malaysian likes to critics before think

May Peace Be Upon You


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