Engineer or Programmer

May Peace be Upon You

When I was a young boy, I thought the programmer will be totally different from engineer because of simple reasons:
  1. Engineer will all be at site or lab doing a test for improving the efficiency of a product or create a new product to easy other people's life.
  2. Programmer will all be in the office staring the monitor all day long just to solve bugs in the program or create a new program for clients.
  3. Engineer needs to be powerful in mathematics, physics, and all sorts of knowledge involving calculation
  4. Programmer needs to be powerful in logic thinking which means need to understand all possible scenarios that gonna happen for each action.
but as I start my work as an engineer, I also work as a programmer because while I am doing a calculation, at the same time I need to think all the possibilities scenarios based on my calculation. Other than that, sometimes I spend all day long staring the monitor to finds bug in the program but during commissioning I also need to be at site to improve the efficiency of my design. These only applicable when you are working in a small company but you're gonna learn lots of things event not related to you scope of work which make you grow faster.  No offense there big company.

All these mumbling is just to say that, even your position is just an engineer, technician or even operator it doesn't mean you just need to focus on that particular work you're hired for. You need to grab all the knowledge that are revolving your work not only for your ease but also for everybody else. 

Just absorb all the knowledge and be smart enough to applied it when in needs. Even it is not useful at your workplace but maybe it is useful when you are at home or to others.

May Peace be Upon You


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