May Peace be Upon You

DSC-WX 350 is a model number for the compact camera that I bought since 4 months ago. It is one of the value for money item that I posses and I am gladly to own it. Without further ado here's some of the picture that i took using this awesome and magnificent compact camera :-)

Please be noted that no photoshop are being used while capturing these photos

 I have no idea what these flowers name

 This couple eagerly ask me to catch their backside photo..

 A sea of flowers. Surely woman will go crazy when they went here.

 What a vast view of hill side

 This is a panoramic photo of abandoned land

 Caught this little birdie while try to flirt another bird

 My 3 months site project

it is pretty impressive for a compact camera 

 This is the rural area in Gunma-ken, Japan

same goes with this photo

I bought it for like 20,00 yen in Japan more or less equal to RM 600 but in Malaysia the actual price is like RM 900 after promotion. Clearly electronic price in Japan are cheaper that Malaysia probably due to GST. No offense there government.

May Peace be Upon You


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