Japan Trip~

May Peace be Upon You

This trip was about 6 months ago where Japan is at the end of winter season,
so the breeze is quite cool but for me to encounter coldness for the first time,
it feels like stone cold surrounding. The most feared condition is during windy day because
 no matter wherever you try to hide, you still cannot run from coolness.

It was raining for my first day at site and it went for about 5 hours before stop.
Can you imagine how cold it is with the temperature about 9 degree celcius + rain+ wind
due to the workplace is nearby the port. That night I suffered heavy fever but
still managed to go to work for the next day. Most of the time, i just keep my hand
inside the sweater and my nose keep on running like a 2 years old kid.
For about a week it take for me to adapt to this cool environment.

The picture above is the typical morning sight.

Through this trip also, I learn how to communicate in Japanese using simple words,
how to do groceries and know better about their culture.
For shopping it is quite confusing with their coins,
usually I just put all the coins i have and they will count it for you.
For me, their manner is very high and if compare with Malaysian, probably we needs
3 generations to be the same level as them.

Before going back to motherland, I have the opportunity to visit a flower park in Hitachi.
To tell you how beautiful it is the park, you can see the picture at the bottom of this post.
This scenery is the actual scenery that I take using my camera and no photoshop were used.
If you are a woman and flower lover, please don't miss out the trip to this park.
I can guarantee you the satisfaction of seeing a seabed of flowers will be indescribable.
With cheap entrance fee this park also provide amusement park with roller coaster, bumper car
and so much more but with separate fees. Even though the fee is separate,
the ticket are still affordable.

Lastly, when you have the chance to went abroad, just grab it and go travel until your heart content.

May Peace Be Upon You


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