My Working Life~

May Peace Be Upon You
Currently I am working in a local company
near my place and the rime taken for a trip to workplace is about 15 minutes by car.
All of you will probably jealous with my job due to nearby workplace 
and also for afternoon break, I ate my lunch at home..teehee

For this post, I'm gonna share about the chronology of my career as an
engineer and all the things I've been through this 1 year experience.
Even I'm still a beginner, I hope it can inspire others to love their job.
For me there is nothing to be proud of my job because all job
serve it's own purpose and they are all important.

So let's start with my unemployment period. After completing my study, I worked as
a chef assistant for about 1 month during
the holy month of Ramadhan and then
doing job hunting for about
3 months while being a full-time Dota 2 player.
During that period, I have been to several company interviews such as Dyson,
Alpha industry, Infineon and also Panasonic. The first company was Dyson, and
my interview was like a nightmare.
The feeling of nervous flush through my body and my mind went blank
the whole time I was ask by the interviewer. All this happen
due to lack of preparation and background study.

Next company was Alpha industry and Infineon which my interview
also went pretty bad but there is an improvement in my confidence.
After that, I got an interview with Panasonic which I apply through a job fair and
at the same time got offer from my friend because his sister want to further studies.
So, I went to Panasonic interview first before i went to my friend's sister interview.

For Panasonic interview, all the preparation are done completely from
introduce my self, my hobby, question to ask the interviewer and
also company background study. So, the interview went very well and the
interviewer seems to like it. The post for that job is only for 3 person, but the applicants
were about 15 people only on my session and they got about 5 session.
Can you imagine how many unemployed person need to fight
only for 3 spots, that's is how world revolve kids.

For my next interview with my friend's sister's boss.
(i don't think this sentence it correct)
For me personally, this was the easiest interview compare to other's interview.
The boss was really young probably age mid 30's and very friendly.
Through the whole interview, he was asking me are there any question?
I was like are you the interviewer or am I the interviewer.
For me it is a pleasure yet funny situation.

A week went by and I got the offer from both companies and my heart went
back and forth between these two company. So I perform Istikharah prayer for 3 consecutive
nights and lastly I decided to go to the young boss
which is also my current boss whose name Michael.

He is very passionate and ambitious person.
Other than that, very kind heart person and generous in term of knowledge
where he likes to teach me many stuff even not related to work.

My advice for those who are looking for a job is look for an open minded boss
rather than close minded boss where he can accept others opinion
rather than just do as what he said.

May Peace be Upon You


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