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May Peace be Upon You

Lately, exercise using roller blade have become a trend and I am one of the victim who fall for this healthy trend. It start since last 3 weeks ago where my friend invited me to go to the town field to try roller blade and to my surprise, it was pretty fun. Although it is hurt when you felt on the floor, but I am still feel satisfy whenever I dash quickly from one point to another and after that night I am determined to own one pair of roller blade for myself. So my journey to seek for a quality but can be bought at low price roller blade began since then.

First, I ask my junior technician several question because he played roller blade since last year. I ask many things and he was very helpful in explaining to me about the brand,price and skills of roller blade. So without further ado, I search online about the brand, price and shop location. Usually the price would be around RM200 to RM300 which is quite expensive but due to my perseverance in finding the greatest deal, I managed to get the price about RM180 including postage but there is a catch where I need to order 6 pairs for me to have that price. That is pretty troublesome condition to me but I will try to find the other person who want to buy together with me.

After two weeks of searching to find similar buyer like me, I manage to gather 4 people which mean I am short of one person but due to my eagerness of not wanting to wait anymore, I just took my luck by ordering 1 extra pair and I planned to sell it through online. The delivery time was fast, today I order to them, tomorrow I receive the goods.

For the extra pair, I try to advertise it through FB but sadly there is no response. So I try to advertise it through other media which is and Alhamdulillah, I manage to find a buyer who was eager enough to buy this extra pair, he is willing to drive to my hometown which take him about 1 hour to get here just to buy a pair of roller blade. Here's are the picture for my advertisement which I asked my friend to took it with his dslr camera:

 Front View

 General view

close up view

boot view 

side view

He had done such a good job in taking the picture and also edit it so that the image looks more sharp and wonderful. Probably I need to treat him to a drink to thank him for his work.That is all for this entry and I think I will start to post a motivational entry on next few weeks. Hope all of you have a nice day.

May Peace be Upon You


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