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May Peace be Upon You

Praise be to Allah for making my mood today to be positive and I hope my positive energy can be transfer to you so that your motivation will be increase and become  a more productive person after you done reading this post.

For those who currently works as an employee either in government sector or private sector, laziness and lack of motivation surely make you to succumb to the gravitational force produce by only one layer of smelly blanket. It is excruciatingly hard for you to get out of the bed and surely if you're a Muslim, you Fajr prayer will be at the end of its time which probably will not be a quality prayer. So, now what I want to share is not how to get up early in the morning, but I just want to boost your motivation and consequently it will make you feel easy to wake up in the morning. Actually, this is kind a bit sway from the title but never mind, I'll try my best to stick to the main objective.

Illustration for a typical civilians who being control by their money

Nowadays, all middle class earner feels that the money they had is in their control but the truth is the other way round. How about the low class earner? surely they will be squeeze helplessly and just barely enough to keep on living. So, how to turn this situation upside down and what item you need to have so that you have the power to control the money? There is only one simple answer that everyone know but lack of solemnity to take which is the KNOWLEDGE.

Why does it is the most powerful item on earth? Because without knowledge, you can easily be trampled, cheat and mock due to your own stupidity. Here's an analogy for this situation, let say you want to buy a desktop or a laptop. Surely more or less you will look for information that you need to know such as the price of each component, how much budget you need to prepare, what performance do you expect from your item and many more. 

The reason you did your study is not just because you just want to know how the item look like but the reality is that you did not want the seller to trick you with higher price than usual or lower performance than you expected. With knowledge, you can easily see through the lies that the seller had set up for their own benefit and not just that, you can also help others by giving in your opinion if someone else need a support.

Next, how do you want to earn the knowledge? that was very easy because we human have our brain and intellect. You can identify that by yourself but let me classify on how you want to earn knowledge.

-Through reading
   You just need to keep on reading books or journal or whatever either online or offline. For me, I just pick the books that I want to read from my father's book shelve, He himself like to buy huge amount of books at one time and usually he just bought them when there is book festival like 'Big Bad Wolf'. For the genre, he like to buy motivational books because he need to keep on improving his networking. If you want to borrow books from me, just let me know. I can just steal from my father's shelves and give it to you.(Hehehe..I'm serious)

-Through those who have experience
   Try to take an initiative to talk to those who have succeed or more experience so that you will not make the same mistake that they had felt before. If you ask politely or treat them as friends, they also will treat you like friends. My boss use to say that, never be afraid to ask question that you do not know about even if you will be scold, because you will learn a lot by asking question to improve your own basic knowledge. When your basic knowledge is strong, the difficult and advance problem can be settle and maybe you can develop your own trick to easily solve it.

-Through your own experience
  This is a time consuming learning process because for every steps that you take, sometimes it will try to push you back to square one rather than push you forward but the lesson that you learn will be priceless. If you decided to take this approach, please set one thing in your heart first before anything else which is the determination to keep on standing back up again after each fall. If your determination is brittle and fragile, I suggest you to avoid this approach and just take above approach. This approach only suitable for those who are risk taker only.

You can choose any of these approaches you find suit for you and either way you just need to keep on improving your knowledge until you are confident with your knowledge. Please be remind, just focus only on one particular thing that you wanted to know and for example. marketing. So, you must try to learn as much as possible about marketing, then try to keep on develop improvement until your knowledge become the one that everyone else willing to pay to learn it from you.

For my schoolmate, we usually says this state is 'Moksha' state which means the most powerful person. Even the true meaning of this word is that your position is the same as god, but what I want to point out here is that keep on learning and develop your skills until no one else can beat the shit out of you. When you have beat your competitor, you can easily put the price for your product or service. From this point on wards, those who want to learn your knowledge surely willing to pay any amount that you demanded and that is the ultimate level of knowledge that you should have.

Actually, my idea for this entry was too many and if I continue to write, even until tomorrow it will not be done anf if I the time to write a new entry, I will write the second part for this topic. I think this type of entry is just nice for you to read and ponder about it and lastly, keep on seeking knowledge and keep on develop your skill until you reach "Moksha" level of knowledge.

May Peace be Upon You


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