Law of Attraction through Visualization

May Peace be Upon You

Last week was a hectic week for me where I need to monitor and troubleshoot client's plant in Japan because they want to make some changes on how the plant needs to be run. What makes it more challenging is that I need to do the program changes on the spot while the plant is running and the only things that I can rely is my technician on site to illustrate the problem that they are facing to me while I try to solve the problem from Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, everything had been taken care of and the plant was running smoothly. 

Screenshot of what I need to monitor

Enough on boasting myself, actually for this entry I want to elaborate more about one of the most powerful method to be a very success person which is Law of Attraction through Visualization. You might be wondering what does this 'Visualization' really means. Is it the same as daydream which you usually do when you got nothing to do? or does this require you to sketch an image of you about what you want to be in future?

Both are partly correct but the actual meaning of visualization for this contexts is to imaging in your head while closing your eyes and start imagining what will happen to you or what you are going to do to achieve your goal. The most important things is that you need to believe 100% of it will happen to you sooner or later.

Let me gave you an example that actually happen to my colleague. Last three weeks, he post on his Facebook page about one product that he is trying to sell and luckily one of his friend text him to get more information about the product he sold. So, he give all the information and the price for the product to his friend.The first day after he gave all the information while sitting in his car, he tried to visualize that when he opened his Facebook page, there will be a notification and one of the notification is from his friend ordering 1 set of product that he give the detail off the day before. Later that day when he login into his Facebook account, the was nothing and not even a single notification or news from his friend. Next day, he tried the visualization process for the second time and there is still no result. On  the third day, he tried one more time and unfortunately there is still no feedback from his friend which make him to gave up on the visualization process. Then two weeks later, out of nowhere he received a phone call from his friend and receive an order which is 2 sets of the product. Without asking any more question, he just sell the product to his friend.

From this story, it shows that the visualization process works tremendously but only the effect takes time to happen. Next, about three years ago there was a time where I accidentally switch my television channel to Discovery Channel and it show a documentary about the power of human brain. It says that human brain is very powerful if you know how to manipulate it. A study by renown institute also was shown on that program which states that your brain will transmit a wave depend on your mood and determination. Let say if your mood is down and you do not feel like talking to anybody. So when you go to work, your brain will give a wave unconsciously to warn others to do not to talk to you. Magically, your colleague will not tried to talk to you the whole day. Quite a lousy bad.

Although anything can happen if you earnestly set up your mind, but as a Muslim you shall not forget that everything happen is not only on its own but it is happen only after Allah permit it to occur. If Allah forbid it from occurring no matter how powerful is your brain, it will not give the result that you wanted. 

May Peace be Upon You


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