May Peace be Upon You

Wow, it February already. I thought I wanted to post 1 entry in January but I am too lazy to do that and unfortunately my weekends was always full of event. So this post is going to be the summary of January 2016.

  1. I suffered Shingles for almost 3 weeks and right now the wound still wont heal completely. If you want to know how to recover fast from this virus, you just need to go to the pharmacy and request a cream for shingles. With these cream, within weeks the rash will dried up.
  2. My own laptop had drown. Probably due to my carelessness, half of 1.5 liter bottle of water had been poured onto my lovely red laptop. To make in worst, the laptop was inside the bag and the bag act like a water tank where it store all the water and let my laptop drown in it for about 30 minutes. So I need to reassemble all the parts and dried them completely by wipe and sun bath for 2 days before assemble them back. Luckily it run fine just like before it drown.
So that is all for now, later I will update numerous pictures of my brand new desktop that was custom built to fill my lust of playing DOTA.

May Peace be Upon You


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