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May Peace Be Upon You

From this day onward, I decided to share to all of you what I had learn from my weekly meeting with several peoples who are eager enough to achieve 6 digit income  within 2 or 3 years, may Allah ease. I had been attending this weekly meeting since the start of this year and I hope my determination will not fade and keep on continue until I had reach my goal. So if I have the time to share it using the this blog, I will try my best to deliver it as exact as the knowledge that I received.

So the first knowledge that I wanted to share is the 'Success  Formula' which can be apply in any aspect of our life, start from salary, to ideal body shape/ health and also to our worship towards Allah. The formula are very simple which is

S + A = O


Situation  is a constant environment which you do not have the power to change it while Action is the actual work that you can do to receive the O or outcome. Here's an analogy that I can give to improve your understanding. Let say there are 2 businessman that sell the same product. called Uncle A and Uncle B. At first, both starts their business  but the location of store for uncle A is in rural area while for uncle B the store is in town. As you can see the situation  for uncle A was pretty bad and I decided to give mark for uncle A is 2 points, while for uncle B the mark is 5 point.

Let say at the beginning for their own business, both give the same amount of work or in this case I denoted it as A=action. So both uncle get the same value which is 5 points. Now let's go through this formula:

Uncle A : S = 2, A= 5 then the outcome will be 7. Next,
Uncle B : S= 5,  A=5 then the outcome will be 10.

At the beginning of their business, uncle B profit will be much higher than uncle A and he decided that it is enough for him to just stay maintain this way where as uncle A profit is much less and he was determined to keep on improving his work to keep his store much more well known. So after 2 years, due to improvement of each year that was did by uncle A to expand his business, his marks for Action now are 10 points whereas for uncle B it is still the same as 2 years ago and unfortunately his situation keep on decreasing due to competition from others which makes his situation, S= 3.

Again let's look at the formula

Uncle A: S = 2, A = 10. O = 12
Uncle B: S = 3, A = 5, O = 8

Now as you can see, income for uncle A is much higher compare to uncle B and probably uncle A will keep on earning more due to his spirit on improving his work while uncle B will keep on falling behind if he did not change the way he works. This is only for 2 years interval and what can happen in the next 8 years? Nobody knows what will happen unless you, yourself takes an initiative to change your future life. There is a saying which state that 'The result of the future depends on you work on now' and nobody can stop you to achieve you dream if you believe it and keep on improving yourself.

This is proven formula that was keep by the car manufacturer 'TOYOTA' which had dominate the world of automotive because they keep on improving their effort and performance without looking back. Even though there is a fierce competition from other car manufacturer, they still can stand high and mighty against others. That is all for this entry and I hope this not so valuable knowledge can be used by others to keep improving their life.

May Peace Be Upon You


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