The end of short sem!!

yeay!! dah abes short sem..but, feeling so empty in my mind feels like no knowledge is being absorbed in by me through this whole time. wut i mean is this short sem is only full of writing and typing report only and snoring..the practical part is only a part of it.

Maybe it was me only that feel that way but i enjoy living for dis 1 month n a week becoz usually class only take part 1 o 2 session but the given session is 3 ..most of the time, the unfilled session is fill with snoring on the bed, play game, watching drama series n playing around the place.

most of the instructor is the most stylo person i've ever meet, while some of them is making me sick of that person feels like dont want to come fo the class. Never mind that, no body perfect in dis whole wide world including the most powerful man in this world "superman"( nie dah mula mengarut dah nie!!).
that all for now..


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  1. pngaruh smallville kuat sgt nih.. sat sat.. ader ker instructor stylo? tipu lah sial!